Architects in Venice, Italy

Architekten in VenedigArchitetti a Venezia

and palaces built by them from the 15th to the 18th century. Click on the building name for further information.

Bartolomeo Bon

Bartolomeo Buon (or Bon) worked on the Ca'd'Oro as a scholar of his father, the stonemason Giovanni Bon, resident in the venetian parish of San Felice. Bartolomeo's first recorded work is the sculptured cistern wellhead of said palace. He was probably born before 1410 and died between 1464 and 1467. The so-called Porta della Carta, a monumental gate between the Doge's Palace and St. Mark's church, is also a work of Giovanni and Bartolomeo Bon. Bartolomeo was responsible for the church portals of Santi Giovanni e Paolo and the Madonna dell'Orto. The Ca'del Duca, a monumental palace built for Andrea Corner from 1457 on, was not finished.


Mauro Codussi (Coducci)

Bergamo, around 1440 - Venice, 1504
Codussi erected the first Renaissance church in Venice, San Michele in Isola, and three important palaces, although the recent scholarship puts Codussi's authorship of Ca'Corner Spinelli into perspective.
Polli, Vittorio: Mauro Codussi : architetto bergamasco 1440? - 1504, Bergamo 1993

Palazzo Lando

Antonio Gaspari

Baldassare Longhena

Longhena (1598-1682), was scholar of Vincenzo Scamozzi and the most important architect of 17th century Venice. The Salute church is also one of his numerous works.

Recent monograph: Frank, Martina: Baldassare Longhena, (Studi di arte veneta. 8), Venezia 2004

Palazzo Widmann

Bartolomeo Manòpola (Bortolo)

Palazzo Barozzi

Domenico Rossi

Giuseppe Sardi

A follower of Baldassarre Longhena

Palazzo Savorgnan

Michele Sanmicheli

Verona, 1484-1559, builder of fortresses and the Verona fortification system.

Palazzo Grimani

Vincenzo Scamozzi

Vicenza, 1548 - Venezia, 1616. Scamozzi was the most important scholar of Andrea Palladio

ample recent catalogue: Centro Internazionale di Studi di Architettura Andrea Palladio (ed).: Vincenzo Scamozzi 1548-1616, Venezia 2003

Palazzo Contarini a San Trovaso

Andrea Tirali


Palazzo Manfrin

Alessandro Tremignon

1635-1711. Tremignon ist known for the design and execution of the Fini monument in San Moisè, the remodeling of Palazzo Fini at S.M. Zobenigo and several altars.

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