Priuli Ruzzini Loredan Palace


Venice: Palazzo Priuli Ruzzini Loredan - 22 kB

General remarks:

Date:17th century
Architect:Bortolo Manopola
Address:Castello 5866
Current use:hotel
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Palazzo Ruzzini on the northern side of the Campo Santa Maria Formosa has a late renaissance façade, with baroque tendencies. It is generally attributed to Bortolo Manopola. Remnants of frescoes by Gregorio Lazzarini, Tiepolos teacher, are preserved. One fresco is visible in the left lateral room, most probably the former chapel (seen from the Campo). The two crests, which are visible on Carlevarijs' engraving, are lost.
May 2002-June 2007: Having been abandoned for years, the palace was restored and will be converted into a hotel. While the stone parts of the campo façade were cleaned and the walls plastered white, the rio side with its strange stone transennas in the lateral rooms was plastered in red. Few rooms are subdivided horizontally. The restoration architect did not respond to my request to visit the building.
The Ruzzini family possesed other houses near the Rialto.

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