Campo San Polo



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Palazzo Maffetti Tiepolo Palazzo Soranzo San Polo Palazzo Donà Palazzo Mocenigo Corner Tipografia Tasso Palazzo Sanudo Palazzo Bernardo
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The Campo San Polo is the largest place in Venice except for St. Mark's place. It is named after the gothic church of San Polo, whose apse is visible from the place, and which gave the whole sestiere its name. As the view "Venetie MD" shows, the place was already paved in the early 16th century. Most of the medieval palaces on the estern side, such as the double palace of the Soranzo (San Polo 2169-2171) with its outstanding sculptural decoration and Palazzo Donà (San Polo 2177) do still exist today. Caneletto/Visentini's view of Campo San Polo shows a small canal which was once situated in front of the Soranzo palaces. Its position is outlined in today's pavement and shown slightly darker in the plan above. Unfortunately, the outstanding gothic Palazzo Garzoni on the western side of the place was pulled down in the 19th century. Palazzo Corner Mocenigo (San Polo 2128), one of the largest renaissance palaces, has its façade on the small Rio San Polo and only a secondary entrance on the place. In the 17th century, Domenico Rossi created the Palazzo Maffetti, today Tiepolo (San Polo 1957), on the northern side. In 1840, the engineer Giovanni Benvenuti built the neoclassical print shop Tipografia Tasso (San Polo 2156).


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