Morosini Sagredo Palace


Venice: Palazzo Morosini Sagredo - 18 kB

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Date:14th, 15th century
Address:Cannaregio 4199
Current use:-- / being converted into a hotel
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The first of of palazzo Sagredo is stylistically between the pre-gothic, so-called byzantine and the gothic style. Recent scholarship has revealed that the right wing is a later extension. While the first floor has a six-light loggia with extremely thin columns, the second floor is opened by a four-light loggia with quadrifoil windows and balconies in the wings.
The Sagredo acquired the building from a branch of the Morosini in the 18th century. Palazzo Sagredo is known for its valuable interior decorations, which is, despite many losses, partially preserved in situ. The staircase (1718-38), designed by Andrea Tirali as a part of a complete redesign of the palace, is frescoed by Pietro Longhi with a Fall of Giants. But Tiralis project for a new façade, formulated in 1734, remained unfinished. Only the eastern side on the Campo Santa Sofia was altered and shows monotonously arranged windows with round arches. One canvas by Giambattista Tiepolo, who also created frescoes in the Villa Sagredo in Marocco and the family chapel in San Francesco della Vigna, is conserved in a bad state. Several rooms in the last mezzanine floor, which formerly constituted a casinò, have still excellent stucco works by Abbondio Stazio and Carpoforo Mezzati Tencalla, but the alcove has been sold and is exhibited in New York since 1906. Andrea Urbani created several landscape paintings for the portego walls. The immense collection of several hundred paintings which the Sagredo once had in this palace shared the fate of other important collections such as Titian's works in the Palazzo Barbarigo della Terrazza and was dispersed. In 1871, the Sagredo died out with Count Agostino Sagredo.
May 2002: announcement of a "restauro conservativo" and change of use into a hotel. In 2006, the façade plaster was entirely removed.

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