Da Lezze Palace


Venice: Palazzo Da Lezze - 19 kB

General remarks:

Date:1611-17, 1640 ca.
Architect:teilweise Baldassare Longhena?
Address:Cannaregio 3597, 3598
Current use:private
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The palace has a well preserved exterior with two piani nobili and a low water floor. According to new research results, the first phase of the palace, precisely the central three-light portego windows and one room on each side as well as remains of a loggia on the rio della Sensa, were erected from 1611 to 1617 and therefore cannot be a work of Baldassare Longena. Only the narrow façade with a colossal three-light loggia on the Campo della Misericordia with the unfinished façade of the homonymous Scuola Grande can be attributed to the grand venetian baroque architect. The interior, once rich and painted by the Tiepolo, was destroyed in the19th and early 20th century respectively. Members of the Da Lezze family, which died out in 1817, are buried in the Gesuiti church.

Additional pictures:

second floor three-light group and adjacent single windows
88 kB (100x74)


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