Zorzi Galeoni Palace


Venice: Palazzo Zorzi Galeoni - 20 kB

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Architect:Mauro Codussi
Address:Castello 4930
Current use:UNESCO
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This well-known example of Mauro Codussi's early renaissance architecture was built after 1480 and lately restored. Its symmetrical façade with broad wings and a nine-light central window group is entirely revetted with istrian limestone. The left part towards the Calle (with the nice, fortunately mainly unrestored gate) remained unplastered, the hydrant solution is quite bad. Regardless of John Ruskin's criticism ("utterly worthless"), the courtyard is a very harmonious piece of Renaissance architecure and unique for a Venetian palace. Remains of late gothic exterior frescoes, obviously belonging to the gothic predecessor building, were discovered during the restoration campaign.
When this branch of the Zorzi family preferred to live in a Procuratia on S. Mark's Square in the 18th century, the palace was rent to the patrician Giorgio Cottoni for the considerable sum of 660 ducats per year.

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