Savorgnan Palace


Venice: Palazzo Savorgnan - 16 kB

General remarks:

Date:17th century
Architect:Giuseppe Sardi
Address:Cannaregio 349
Current use:School
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A vast, baroque palazzo with four floors. Its façade is on the Canale di Cannaregio. Both porteghi are opened by serliana arches. The great coats of arms are similar to Palazzo Belloni Battagià. The second piano nobile gains importance through these crests and the rectangluar wall areas between the second piano nobile and the roof floor.
In 1788 the palazzo was damaged by a fire. In 1826 the baron Francesco Galvagna became its owner.
At least partially frescoes are conserved at the interior. It is not clear what happened to the neoclassical interior decorations of a portego.


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