Pisani a S. Stefano Palace


Venice: Palazzo Pisani a S. Stefano - 31 kB

General remarks:

Date:17th/18th century
Architect:Bortolo Manopola, Girolamo Frigimelica
Address:San Marco 2809, 2814
Current use:conservatory "Benedetto Marcello"
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Before the alterations made by Gerolamo Frigimelica (who was also responsible for large parts of the Villa Pisani in Strà) the palazzo, built supposedly by Bortolo Manopola from 1614 on, had a single piano nobile. From 1734 on, Frigimelica created two courtyards which are inspired by roman baroque architecture. An attribuition to Sansovino, as it is visible on the Coronelli engraving, is wrong. Further modifications by B. Maccaruzzi affected the southern part. A large fanò can still be found in the androne, and frescoes by Guarana as well as stucco works are conserved in the upper floors.
Not having access to the Grand Canal was a huge disatvantage for the largest baroque palace in Venice. Consequently, a building area was acquired later and the Palazzetto Pisani Ferri was built as a stub towards the Canal Grande.
Due to the debts of the Pisani (especially Ermolao I. Pisani) in the early 19th century the palace as well as the mentioned villa had to be sold. Furnitures and other decorations were dissipated. The Pisani S. Stefano once possessed a casinò on the Giudecca near S. Biagio, which was destroyed.
The palazzo cannot be visited.

Additional pictures:

Palazzo Pisani Ferri on the Grand Canal
30 kB (71x100)

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