Surian Bellotto Palace


Venice: Palazzo Surian Bellotto - 25 kB

General remarks:

Date:before 1663
Architect:Giuseppe Sardi
Address:Cannaregio 968
Current use:private
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The baroque palazzo, built by the Surian family, which acquired the title of a Venetian patrician in 1648. has its façade on the Canale di Cannaregio. In contrast to, for example, Palazzo Da Lezze, the façade of Palazzo Surian is asymmetrical with a combination of two serlianas. This part is additionally accentuated by a flanged cornice. The very short right wing is not an original situation, and also the garden, formerly behind the palace, has disappeared. While the façade is in a rather good state, the second upper floor suffered a subdivision. No interior decoration is conserved. The ancient casinò was perhaps located in the small building on the left hand side.

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