Priuli Venier Manfrin Palace


Venice: Palazzo Priuli Venier Manfrin - 17 kB

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Architect:Andrea Tirali
Address:Cannaregio 343
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The main façade of palazzo Manfrin is oriented towards the Canale di Cannaregio. The fact that no arch is used is quite striking; the façade is not typical at all for Venice, which becomes especially evident if the architecture is compared to the near Palazzo Savorgnan.
The plan is a-typical as well. A large ball hall consuming both piani nobili is behind the middle part. The stairway on the right two window axis of the façade can be seen.
When Gerolamo Manfrin, a tobacco manufacturer, became owner of the palace in the 19th century, the palace hospited a large art collection, composed by Manfrin with the help of the painter Giuseppe Zais, who also created frescoes in the palace. The "tempest" by Giorgione once was part of the collection.

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