Venier dei Leoni Palace


Venice: Palazzo Venier dei Leoni - 22 kB

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Date:1749 ss
Architect:Lorenzo Boschetti
Address:Dorsoduro 701,704
Current use:Peggy Guggenheim Collection
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Lorenzo Boschetti, architect of the church of San Barnaba, designed from 1749 on a palace for Nicolò Venier procurator of San Marco and his brother. The palace should have been located in the parish of San Vio on the Grand Canal. The design, showing a mélange of neopalladianism and baroque forms in the tradition of Baldassare Longhena, is bequeathed through engravings by Giorgio Fossati and a large wooden model, today in the Correr museum: A entrance loggia from the Canal Grande, a hall of four columns near the land portal with two lateral staircases, an oval courtyard. In fact, only marginal parts of the building were built due to economic problems of the Venier. The technical literature often says that only the ground floor was built; however, when regarding the floor plan, it can be stated that the current building is only about a third of the ground floor planned by Boschetti.
The name of the building is derived from Lions that the Venier supposedly had held in the garden. In 1947, the palace fragment was acquired by Peggy Guggenheim who established her collection in the building.

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