The Art and Architecture of Venice


Of all the happy and ardent days which, in my earlier life, it was granted me to spend in this Holy Land of Italy, none were so precious as those which I used to pass in the bright recess of your Piazzetta, by te pillars of Acre; looking sometimes to the glimmering mosaics in the vaults of the Church; sometimes to the Square, thinking of its immortal memories; sometimes to the Palace and the Sea. No such scene existed elsewhere in Europe, — in the world; so bright, so magically visionary, — a temple radiant as the flowers of nature, venerable and enduring as her rocks, arched above the rugged pillars which then stood simply on the marble pavement, where the triumphant Venetian conqueror had set them.

John Ruskin, 1876

This section contains miscellaneous articles and collections on art and architecture of Venice, Italy and their preservation, including palazzi veneziani - a catalogue of information on palaces I've been compiling on venetian palaces for a decade now.
Jan-Christoph Rößler


palaces of Venice
Architecture in Venice : palazzi veneziani - A catalogue of Venetian palaces.
Doge's palace
The Doge's palace - A portrait of the Palatium Comunis Venetiarum
John Ruskin - The Stones of Venice
John Ruskin - "Venetian Index" from the "Stones of Venice"
plaster, preservation, refurbishment
Venice city map
Ridotti and Casini - Apogees of Venetian interior decoration
The Scuola Grande di San Marco after the restoration 2000-2004

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