Pisani a Santa Marina Palace


Venice: Palazzo Pisani a Santa Marina - 23 kB

General remarks:

Date:15th century, like Palazzo Corner-della Frescada-Loredan
Address:Cannaregio 6103-6104
Current use:private
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This late gothic palace can be found near the Palazzo Soranzo-van Axel. The building with three floors and mezzanine can be easily localized on Jacopo de'Barbari's plan.
A great water gate in renaissance forms was later integrated in the main façade with a high water floor. On two sides, the building borders a rio. The very plastic capitals of the loggia with four arches of fifth order are examples of high sculptural quality. Some arches of fifth order are also conserved in the left wing's façade.
While the gothic stairway still exists in the courtyard behind the right wing of the "C"-type palace, an interior stairway was added (most probably) in the 17th century, when the palace underwent an integral restoration. This stairway can easily be recognized on the left side of the building.
The porteghi are today subdivided, but stucco ceilings are conserved in the first piano nobile.
In the 19th century at least partially inhabited by Taddeo and Althea Wiel.

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