Trevisan Pisani a S. Angelo Palace


Venice: Palazzo Trevisan Pisani a S. Angelo - 25 kB

General remarks:

Date:2nd half 17th century
Architect:ambient of Domenico Rossi
Address:San Marco 3830
Current use:private
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The attribution to a follower of Domenico Rossi can be verified by comparing this building with Palazzo Maffetti Tiepolo in Campo San Polo. Admittetly, the second floor with corinthian capitals (above a tuscan ground floor and a ionic piano nobile) and no arches does not fit entirely the classical venetian façade scheme, but resembles Andrea Tirali's Palazzo Manfrin. A hefty cornice confines the terminating mezzanine.
The palace is property of the Trentinaglia De Daverio family. Interior decoration is conserved.

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