Pisani-Moretta Palace


Venice: Palazzo Pisani-Moretta - 22 kB

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Date:middle 15th century
Address:San Polo 2766
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A great (and well known) example for the 'gotico fiorito' style. palazzo Pisani Moretta is the sole example (at the exception of the Palazzo Cavalli Franchetti) with a loggia having traceries that are superposed over pointed arches, which are themselves created by crossing half-circle arches. The loggia of the first piano nobile is based on the Doge's Palace.
During the modifications made by Chiara Pisani (1739-46) and her sons procuratore Pietro Vettore and Vettore (around 1770), the gothic stairway in the back court was pulled down. Initially, this stairway went over two platforms to the portego of the second piano nobile. The court originally had the double size.
Today, the floors are made accessible by a baroque interior staircase. Two ramps, at the left and at the right, lead to a platform. From this platform, another ramp (in the middle, and in the other direction) leads to the next floor.
The interior was also affected by Chiara Pisani's restoration. A great part of the valuable decoration is conserved, e.g. the portego ceiling fresco by Guarana, and other works by Zanchi, Tiepolo and other famous artists. A painting by Veronese, "The Family of Darius before Alexander", was sold in the 19th century.
Later, a terrace and a roof floor were added.
The last Pisani-Moretta did not have a male successor, but three daughters. Today, the palazzo is property of the Sammartini family and can be rented for congresses.

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