Gritti Morosini Badoer Palace


Venice: Palazzo Gritti Morosini Badoer - 22 kB

General remarks:

Date:14th century
Address:Castello 3608
Current use:private, hotel
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The palazzo was altered later and has intersting corner window solutions. According to newer research works, the palace dates from the early 15th century, while older scholarship tends to date it still in the 14th century. It's 19th century state, especially the restoration of the façade, is described by John Ruskin. It was also Ruskin who first noted that the small head above the five-light piano nobile loggia is not original. Rococo stucco works are to be found in the piano nobile portego.
Until August 2004, the eastern and southern façade of Palazzo Gritti were of great importance, as large parts of gothic frescoes (framed windows and friezes) in green, yellow and red were conserved under the 19th century plaster. A restoration now made it impossible to distinguish between the originals and the reconstructed frescoes, which are partially of mediocre quality (note especially the quatrefoils of the roof mezzanine).

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