Barbarigo della Terrazza Palace


Venice: Palazzo Barbarigo della Terrazza - 29 kB

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Architect:Bernardin Contin
Address:San Polo 2765
Current use:private / hotel / German centre for Venetian Studies in Venice
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The palace, built in the 16th century, only has a wing with two window axis - equivalent to one room - on the Grand Canal. Its main façade with a loggia of four round arches in the noble floors is on the Rio de San Polo. Contrary to the Canal Grande wing, the windows of the first piano nobile windows are still higher than those of the second one. A large terrace, which gives the palace its name and occupies a considerable percentage of the building area of about 1100 square meters, can be accessed from the first piano nobile. Formerly it was a Hanging Garden, which was abandoned during the restoration in 1969/70. While both water façades have a large portal, the access from the city's path networks is provided by a small lane, which also makes accessible the adjacent Palazzo Pisani-Moretta. A small light courtyard can be found on th north side of the palace.
In the 19th century, the building passed to a branch of the Giustinian family. During this time, most of the rich art collections (paintings by Titian etc.) were sold, especially to Russia. Some immobile decoration as frescoes above interior doors, painted 16th century beam ceilings and friezes with portraits of Doges in the chapel and the chimney hall overlooking the Grand Canal have outlived. The palace is partially inhabited by a branch of the Loredan family. Recently, the mezzanine floor was converted to the "Palazzo Barbarigo sul Canal Grande" hotel.

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portal on the San Polo canal with a "Daniel" head
23 kB (100x66)

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