Morosini a San Giovanni Laterano Palace


Venice: Palazzo Morosini a San Giovanni Laterano - 17 kB

General remarks:

Date:15th century
Address:Castello 6432
Current use:school (scuola media Antonio Vivaldi)
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This example of renaissance art is today in most parts used as a scuola media. In the technical literature the palace is well known for its well conserved, excellent stairway in the smaller courtyard. Also the vera di pozzo is remarkable. The gothic building was much altered in the renaissance epoch. Both porteghi are today opened towards the Rio by serliana arches. The gothic gate towards the large court was pulled down.
According to a label, doge Michele Morosini (1308-1382) was born in this palace, or merely its predecessor. Still in John Ruskin's time, count Carlo Morosini lived there. Today's state is a pity.

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