Muti Baglioni Palace


Venice: Palazzo Muti Baglioni - 18 kB

General remarks:

Date:1602 (?)
Address:San Polo 1866
Current use:private
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Pietro Gradenigo says that this huge and well preserved building was built in 1602 by the Muti family. In 1750, Giovanni Antonio Baglioni, head of the rich family of publishers, who previously had lived in a house on the Rio Marin and had been aggregated to the Venetian nobility in 1716, acquired the building. A villa in Massanzago, decorated by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, was also property of the Baglioni. Three single windows, which are typical for the epoch, are in both the left and right wings of the piani nobili, the middle part is opened by a serliana. The left wing contains the staircase. Two smaller courtyard give light to the rooms that are not connected to the façades.
Frescoes by Giambattista Crosato, Jacopo Guarana and stuccoes in the deep first piano nobile portego are preserved. The second piano nobile is subdivided into smaller units. Today, the da Mosto counts possess the building and keep it in an excellent state, comparable to the near Palazzo Bonomo Albrizzi a San Apollinare.

Additional pictures:

land façade
54 kB (60x105)

arch of the land portal
34 kB (99x150)

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