Gritti Pisani Palace


Venice: Palazzo Gritti Pisani - 32 kB

General remarks:

Date:14th century
Address:San Marco 2467
Current use:Gritti Palace hotel
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The early gothic palace with large wings and a central loggia with five arches of fifth order had - presumably until the conversion into a hotel - a mezzanine as the last floor. The current neogothic last floor dates from the 1890s. Both piani nobili are nearly equal; the balconies are later additions. In the 16th century, a loggia with early renaissance capitals and four arches was added to the façade towards the Campo del Traghetto. Note especially the saracinesche on the main façade and the low ground floor.
In the 1970s, the palace was cored to fulfill the requirements of a modern hotel.

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