Gussoni Algarotti a S. Lio Palace


Venice: Palazzo Gussoni Algarotti a S. Lio - 22 kB

General remarks:

Date:late 15th century
Address:Castello 5599,5601
Current use:?
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Very interesting asymmetrical façade of the late 15th century. Small base in red marble; singular overhang at the passage bordering the building on the left. A strong cornice, perhaps the original eaves, separates the second upper floor, which was presumably added later. The richly decorated windows let assume a follower of the Lombardo as the builder of Palazzo Algarotti. Even the original limestone base has a floral relief. The plan view with a narrow left wing again shows that the traditional scheme was normative even for difficult building areas. Towards the Calle della Fava, the palace has a small courtyard that gives access to the interior staircase and light to the portego. The chapel built for Jacopo Gussoni in the church of S. Lio has strong stylistic affinities with the plastic details of the palace.
In 1788, the palace passed to the Guizzetti family and later to the Reali.
2004: Partial restoration.

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