Minotto Barbarigo Palace


Venice: Palazzo Minotto Barbarigo - 37 kB

General remarks:

Date:15th century
Address:San Marco 2506 (??)
Current use:private
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The palace consists of a small 15th century (?) palace with arches of fifth and a later (perhaps 16th century) construction on the right. Both buildings are internally connected. A moulding dates from the byzantine epoch, but is much restored. As old paintings prove, wooden conservatories like the one used in front of the single right window were commonly used in Venice. All balconies are from later periods.
Large parts of Settecento stuccos and paintings are conserved in the mezzanine and piano nobile. Two paintings by Giambattista Tiepolo, sold during the 1960s, were recently recovered and re-integrated in the palace.
2002: Restoration with new plaster and "modernization" of the water floor.
End of 2005: the piano nobile of the palace has been sold to a music association.

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