Bonomo Albrizzi a San Apollinare Palace


Venice: Palazzo Bonomo Albrizzi a San Apollinare - 22 kB

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Date:End 16th century
Address:San Polo 1939,1940
Current use:private
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This palazzo, built by the family Bonomo, was acquired in 1648 and 1692, by the Albrizzi family. In contrast to the rather austere and conservative 16th century architecture, the interior is one of the most voluptuous in Venice. Especially in the portego, stucco works from Abbondio Stazio cover the walls and the ceiling as well as paintings by Pellegrini and Liberi. An old galley lantern can be found in the androne. A private garden on the other side of the rio can only be reached with a private bridge.
The building is still family property (Rubin de Cervin Albrizzi).


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