Gradenigo a San Simeon Grande Palace


Venice: Palazzo Gradenigo a San Simeon Grande - 15 kB

General remarks:

Date:18th century
Architect:Domenico Margutti ?
Address:Santa Croce 764
Current use:private
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According to Tassini, the building was designed by a scholar of Massari, but Bassi's attribution to Domenico Margutti, a follower of Baldassare Longhena, seems to be more plausible. Frank (2004) even believes in a intervention by Longhena himself. The asymmetric broad canal façade with a four-light loggia in the piano nobile does only present a right wing. A large gate on the Fondamenta Gradenigo leads to a small courtyard, which borders directly to the androne. The androne plan is not typical, but more square-like. A enormous fanò with a height of about 2m can be found there. A staircase with marble-incrustated floor leads to the upper floors. Two additional small courtyards provide light support. Beside the land gate, there is a large garden. In the first piano nobile, two apartments still have late 18th century ceiling and wall frescoes in their stucco, but the second floor suffered horizontal subdivisions, except the portego.
Spring 2002: restoration works finished. Facade with new white plaster.

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