Gradenigo a S. Giustina Palace


Venice: Palazzo Gradenigo a S. Giustina - 14 kB

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Date:17th century
Address:Castello 2838
Current use:Venis SpA
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This 16th century palace was lately restored with great efforts and now serves as legal seat of the company 'Venis SpA'. The building with a L-type plan (courtyard behind the left wing) still has several ceiling and wall frescoes from the late 18th and early 19th century, partially are attributed to G. Scajario. An engraving by Coronelli shows the palace with different windows and a missing last floor. The right water gate had a rectangular form, the four-light loggia did not exist. It is doubtful whether Coronelli's engraving, which shows the Chiesa di Santa Giustina, shows the palace correctly.
Pietro Gradenigo, son of Jacopo (1695-1776), author of the Commemoriali Veneti and other important works, once had a rich library of 350 manuscripts, which was inherited after his death by his nephews Girolamo and Pietro, but later dispersed.

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