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Venice: Palazzo Giustiniani - 40 kB

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Date:similar to Palazzo Foscari
Address:Dorsoduro 3228 (l), Dorsoduro 3232 (r)
Current use:private (left building) - University (right building)
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The two palazzi Giustiniani (Zustinian) are stylistically related with the Palazzo Bernardo di Canal. Initially, there were two buildings, which were later connected by a middle part with one window axis and a water gate. This window axis belongs to the left part.
The plan is C-type with an L-type extension at the back. Behind the middle part is the Calle Giustiniani, which initially provided access to the smaller courts. Both stairways which once could be found the these courtyards are today destroyed; todays external staircases are reconstructions. The backyard of the right palaces can be accessed by the public. In the technical literature, the engraving on a pillar of the stairway of the right backyard: 'Restauratum 1902. Helen d'Aubery' is barely mentioned. At least the date of the reconstruction of the right stairway can be derived. The left backyard cannot be accessed, but a similar situation seems reasonable. The pine cones on the stairway are surely newer, as can be proved by a comparison with the sculptures of Palazzo Soranzo-van Axel. A quite remarkable work is the vera di pozzo.
The left building (Giustinian dalle Zogie) still has, at least in the second piano nobile, its rich 18th century interior decoration. Richard Wagner once lived temporarily in the left palace, which is also known as palazzo Brandolini (the Brandolini d'Adda counts possess parts of the palace from 1876 as well as the Rosekrans). It is described in some of his letters to Mathilde Wesendonck.
The right building (Giustinian dei Vescovi) is in a worse state of conservation and is currently (June 2005) being restored.

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stairway of the left palace
80 kB (100x75)

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