Giustinian a San Moisè Palace


Venice: Palazzo Giustinian a San Moisč - 24 kB

General remarks:

Date:1474 / 1477-1482 (??)
Architect:Paolo da Bergamo (?)
Address:San Marco 1364
Current use:Ufficio Biennale
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The palazzo Giustinian a San Moisè is a late-gothic style palace, built in the end of the fifteenth century. It can be easily recognized on the map by Jacopo de'Barbari, but there are no engravings visible for the courts. Probably a large court was behind the building. The small building at the left was not part of the palazzo around 1500, but today it is connected to the main building.
Towards the end of the 19th century the palazzo was used as a hotel. J.M.W. Turner was among its guests. The exactly quadratic façade shows traces of heavy restorations. In the seventeenth century, the water floor was altered and stucco works were applied in the first floor's portego, where they are still conserved.

Additional pictures:

piano nobile detail - left wing
42 kB (100x68)

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