D'Anna Martinengo Volpi di Misurata Palace


General remarks:

Date:before 1529
Address:San Marco 3948
Current use:private
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During the centuries, the palace erected by the Talenti belonged to several well-known families, such as the Pisani and Foscarini. The current esthetical effect of the frugal architecture with a single piano nobile is derogated by the missing former exterior frescoes created by Giovanni Antonio da Pordenone, which were praised for their perspectives in several descriptions of the city. A design for the façade, showing mythological and historical subjects, is preserved in London. The coats of arms as well as the extension building on the left are later additions. The building has an enormous depth and has a loggia on the Campo San Beneto - probably a modification made during the period when the Viaro owned the palace.
The Volpi di Misurata, who were protagonists of the development of Mestre as an industrial city, are proprietors of the palace.

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