Cappello Malipiero Barnabò Palace


Venice: Palazzo Cappello Malipiero Barnaḅ - 17 kB

General remarks:

Date:14th century, 1622
Architect:attributed to Baldassare Longhena
Address:San Marco 3198 - 3201
Current use:private
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Palazzo Malipiero, on the opposite of Palazzo Grassi on the Campo San Samuele, was probably erected in the late 14th century. Arches of fifth order and a loggia with byzantine capitals can still be found on in the last floor towards the Campo. The gothic entrance with a Malipiero crest is of high quality. In the 17th century, the palace was renewed in baroque style based on Baldassarre Longhena, but besides the main façade, the campaign was limited to the insertion of new windows on the piano nobile enfilades towards the Campo and the large garden adjecent on the right. The main façade loggia with five arches is similar to Palazzo Erizzo a S. Martino.
The palace is property of the Barnabò family and in an excellent state. 18th century interior decoration is in large parts conserved.

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