Erizzo a S. Martino Palace


Venice: Palazzo Erizzo a S. Martino - 17 kB

General remarks:

Date:17th century
Address:Castello 4002
Current use:private
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The palace was restored by a disciple of Baldassare Longhena after the Doge election of Francesco Erizzo (reg. 1631-1646). The Erizzo are buried in the near church of S. Martino, where a monumental tomb of Francesco Erizzo can be found. Restorations from the 1970s have altered the courtyard. Sketches from Guardi show planned ceiling frescoes that were never executed. Nevertheless the piano nobile still has quite large parts of 18th/19th century interior decorations conserved.

Additional pictures:

detail loggia first piano nobile
64 kB (99x150)

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