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Campo San Stefano Palazzetto da Lezze Palazzo Franchetti Palazzi Barbaro Palazzetto Pisani Ferri Palazzo Pisani San Vidal Palazzo Loredan Palazzo Morosini Santo Stefano
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Campo San Stefano, also known as Campo Francesco Morosini, is located in the Sestiere of San Marco and is one of the largest places in Venice. It is bordered by the homonymous gothic church with remnants of gothic frescoes. Apart from a fine late gothic portal on the Campiello San Stefano, the church features a singular wooden ship's keel roof and several baroque altars. Only one of the houses on the western side of Campo San Stefano, the gothic Palazzetto da Lezze, is of artistic merit. The next building, Palazzo Loredan, with its austere long side and palladian northern side, is today a research institute. Campo Pisani, a extension of Campo San Stefano, is not only affected by the huge homonymous palace (today conservatory), but also by modest houses, giving delightful contrasts. Another large palace, Palazzo Morosini, is virtually slammed between a house and Palazzo Pisani.
city map The ancient church of San Vidal with a today only used for concerts. In the 18th century, San Vidal was given a new façade with monumental tombs after a design by Andrea Tirali. On the opposite side, the 19th century garden of Palazzo Franchetti, a mainly neomedieval palace remodeled by Camillo Boito.
The monument in the middle of the place shows Niccolò Tommaseo, a writer who excelled at the 1848 revolution under Daniele Manin.


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