Zustinian Contarini Palace


Venice: Palazzo Zustinian Contarini - 30 kB

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Date:16th century
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The palace, based on the venetian tripartite scheme, dated from the 16th century and once stood between the Priuli-Bon and Duodo Balbi-Valier palaces in the parish of San Staè. It can be identified on the painting The Grand Canal near Ca'Pesaro by Michele Marieschi (Munich, Alte Pinakothek). When the Zustinian S. Staè died out, their property passed to the Contarini San Stin, who subsequently moved into the palace. In the 19th century, the Contarini, once among the richest venetian noble families, suffered a economic downfall, and the palazzo was pulled down after a fire. However, the rear wing, visible on Marieschi's painting and today used by the university, survived.

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