Zane Collalto Palace


Venice: Palazzo Zane Collalto - 19 kB

General remarks:

Date:17th century
Architect:Baldassare Longhena, Antonio Gaspari
Address:San Polo 2360
Current use:school
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Two piani nobili, of which the first one is emphasised by more plastic heads used as keystones and the balcony, rise above a water floor with platy bossage and two gates. The asymmetrical plan, showing a narrow room with a single window on the right and a portego narrowed towards the façade, can be supposably explained by the integration of older buildings. In 1665, the palace was begun by Baldassare Longhena and after his death continued by Antonio Gaspari for Marin Zane, son of Lunardo. In 1783, the palace was sold to a branch of the Collalto family. A remarkable staircase can still be found, but it is in a pitiful state; the former wall and ceiling decoration, the second floor chapel and the garden are destroyed respectively overbuilt.
The former casinò, a independent building from the end of the 17th century and today in private property, still exists and is, including part of the sumptous 18th century interior decoration, quite well conserved.

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