Soranzo Campo San Polo Palace


Venice: Palazzo Soranzo Campo San Polo - 19 kB

General remarks:

Date:14th/15th century
Address:San Polo 2169-70
Current use:private
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The two palazzi Soranzo Initially were two separate buildings, which were connected later. Their façades on the Campo San Polo are of high sculptural quality, but obviously of different epochs - the left façade is older. Some of the rich capitals have small sculptured human heads. Tondi (disks), partially with coat of arms, also decorate the loggias of the piani nobili. The rear façade on the Rio de la Madoneta with its round arch windows is already of a strange Renaissance taste.
According to some sources, the Campo façade was once covered with frescoes, perhaps by Giorgione. While the first piano nobile was used by the Venice University for years, the second piano nobile, still inhabited by the Soranzo, has excellent 18th century ceiling frescoes by Giuseppe Angeli.
A small rio which in front of the palaces was filled up in the 20th century. See Campo San Polo).

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piano nobile loggia (left palace)
57 kB (0x0)

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