Pesaro degli Orfei - Fortuny Palace


Venice: Palazzo Pesaro degli Orfei - Fortuny - 17 kB

General remarks:

Date:late 15th century
Address:San Marco 3780, 3958
Current use:Museo Fortuny
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At the end of the fifteenth century, this was one of the largest buildings in Venice, built by the noble family Pesaro. The main façade is on the Campo San Beneto, but it cannot have its full effect, because the Campo is too small. The left wing is extended to three window axis, a fact which shows the changing room valuation at the end of the fifteenth century. A rectangular gate with coat of arms can leads into the androne. Large loggias with seven arches of fifth order open the vast porteghi towards the Campo. Seven-arch loggias can be found on the water façade. Additionally, the porteghi get light through three windows to the courtyard.
The richly decorated capitals and the balconies' sculptured lion heads on the façade are remarkable. Unfortunately the single windows at the left and right of the loggia in the first piano nobile are not visible because of wooden plankings.
The museum (september 1999: closed because of restoration) can be accessed through the lateral court at the Calle dei Orfei. The stairway in the courtyard is not original. Initially, the androne was opened towards the courtyard by large round archs in limestone, which are today bricked up.
After having been seat of the philharmonic society L'Apollonea (the reason for the name 'degli Orfei'), the palazzo was acquired by the spanish artist Mariano Fortuny, who established his atelier in the building. After his death, his wife Henriette gave it to the city, which installed the Fortuny museum.
Although it is rather well preserved, the palazzo needs restoration. Especially the conservation of the single windows mentioned above is necessary.

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Detail Loggia 1. piano nobile
81 kB (79x117)

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