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Venice: Palazzo Pasqualigo - 20 kB

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Date:16/17th century
Address:Cannaregio 5514
Current use:private
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One or more predecessor buildings of this palace are visible on Jacopo de'Barbari's perspective of Venice. The Pasqualigo palace was built in the late 16th or early 17th century. Towards the rio the building has a depth of about five meters and does not have a portego behind the serliana. The horizontal subdivision of the left lateral room can be already found on 19th century photos. The deep and vast courtyard has gothic columns and portici on the rio side, which are certainly from the predecessor building. The window arrangement on the court side has been altered in the 19th century, and the lateral side of the Widmann palace proves that the depth of the building dates at least from the 17th century. An engraving of Luca Carlevarijs showing the palazzo Widmann indicates that the fourth floor is a later addition. The large coat of arms has been removed in the 19th century.
In the 19th century a jewish family acquired the Pasqualigo. Both porteghi are subdivided, but show large parts of stucco decorations from the 18th and early 19th century. The staricase is a construction of the 19th century.
Austrian troops used the palace complex for military use in the Ottocento.
December 2004: Restoration of the Rio façade finished.

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