Molin a San Fantin Palace


Venice: Palazzo Molin a San Fantin - 16 kB

General remarks:

Date:1468 (?)
Address:San Marco 1822,1823
Current use:business
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A late gothic palazzo in the neighbourhood of the better known Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo. The building has four floors and a mezzanine. Both piani nobili are of equal dimensions. This palazzo has lost much of its original substance, since it was also later used as a hotel and a office building. Especially the left wing is much altered, as one can see clearly from the scala del bovolo. The date of the right, lower part is not known, but according to stylistic characteristics, this part seems to be from a post-gothic epoch. Both principal floors have fine foliage capitals, but the entire façade composition suffers from the heavy baroque balconies.
Giuseppe Tassini tells us that the palazzo was built in 1468 by Marco and Girolamo Molin. Coats of arms of this family are still on the façade.

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