Michiel dalle Colonne Palace


Venice: Palazzo Michiel dalle Colonne - 24 kB

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Architect:Antonio Gaspari
Address:Cannaregio 4314
Current use:administration
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Around 1700, the former pre-gothic palace was modified by Antonio Gaspari. In comparison with the first piano nobile, the second floor is reduced in size and thus importance. Formally, the arcades in the water floor (which give the palace its name) are a reference to the byzantine palaces, but the elements have been heavily restored. Additionally, the serliana motive from the upper floor was repeated in this loggia. Its rear wall dates from a 20th century restoration.
A casinò of the Michiel family borders the palace on the right side. Stucco works are partially conserved as well as paintings by Michelangelo Morlaiter.

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