Marcello Pindemonte Papadopoli Palace


Venice: Palazzo Marcello Pindemonte Papadopoli - 30 kB

General remarks:

Date:17th century
Architect:Francesco Contin? Baldassare Longhena?
Address:Castello 6107-6108
Current use:offices - Commissione Tributaria Provinciale
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Palazzo Pindemonte Papadopoli is a gothic building remodeled for the Marcello family in the 17th century. While Frank (2004) assumes that the façade was designed by Francesco Contin, older scholarship, but also Hopkins (2006) attribute the palace to Baldassarre Longhena. The deep building plan is of type "L" with a additional small courtyard in the eastern wing. Coronelli's view of the palace shows two large Marcello crests that still exist. The façade has a quite strong relief.
In 1710, the palazzo passed to the Pindemonte, a family originating from Verona that acquired the Venetian nobility in 1782, only few years before the fall of the Republic. Count Giovanni Papadopoli bought the building in 1808 and let it re-decorate by contemporary artists such as Francesco Hayez, Giuseppe Borsato and Carlo Bevilacqua. These decorations are at least partially preserved.

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