Giustinian Jäger sul Rio dei SS. Apostoli Palace


Venice: Palazzo Giustinian Jäger sul Rio dei SS. Apostoli - 16 kB

General remarks:

Date:16th century (?)
Address:Cannaregio 4575
Current use:scuola media Sansovino
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This representative building is now used as a scuola media. Its right wing towards the Rio is extended to four window axis. Valuable ceiling frescoes are conserved. In the first piano nobile's portego, landscape frescoes can still be found on the walls. An opulent staircase to the first piano nobile also leads to the mezzanine. Another staircase to the second piano nobile is at its original position, but the substance is younger. The interior decoration is presumably is a work of the 18th century.
An austrian family Jäger possessed the palace in the 19th century.

Additional pictures:

partial view of the central ceiling fresco (Guarana?)
24 kB (100x65)

Late 18th century ceiling fresco
22 kB (100x65)

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