Corner-della Frescada-Loredan Palace


Venice: Palazzo Corner-della Frescada-Loredan - 13 kB

General remarks:

Date:15th century
Address:Dorsoduro 3911
Current use:Universitšt, juristische Fakultšt
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In this palazzo once lived the Doge Pietro Loredan. The building is related to the Palazzo Pisani a Santa Marina. Also here appears the high water floor with mezzanine, and it also was altered later. The same geometrical system was used. Both androne and portego are conserved without later subdivisions. The U-type plan with a rear courtyard and a land gate towards the Crosera San Pantalon is not considered as an original disposition in the technical literature. Alas, the former plan of the palace, which most likely had an open stairway, remains unknown.

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