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Venice: Palazzo Barzizza - 23 kB

General remarks:

Date:13th century
Address:San Polo 1172
Current use:private
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From the 13th century, a five-light loggia with "byzantine" arches in the piano nobile and marble incrustation is conserved as well as the mezzanine loggia; both still with the old foliage capitals. Probably in the late 14th century, the façade was alterered and a window of fifth order (5b) was added in the right wing, replacing an older isolated window. Besides four patere, a weathered gate of high quality (e.g. in comparison with the lately restored one in the Corte del Milion) remains of the arcade which originally formed the water floor of the byzantine "casa-foncado". Another modification was made in the 18th century when the left wing and the last floor were reconstructed and the balconies were added. The porch in front of the right wing with a byzantine cross dates from the 17th century.
The Barzizza family, who gave the name to the palace, acquired the building in the 18th century. Those who built the palace are unknown. Another Palazzo Barzizza near the church S. Lucia was destroyed in the 19th century.


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