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Campo Santi Apostoli Palazzo Michiel del BrusàPalazzo Mangilli ValmaranaPalazzo FalierScuola dell'Angelo CustodeSanti Apostoli
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The Campo is located in the Sestiere of Cannaregio near the Rialto bridge. Its most important surrounding buildings have only marginally changed since the 18th century : the 16th century church of the apostles with a early renaissance chapel constructed by Mauro Codussi for the Corner family, the austere large two-storey Scuola dell'Angelo Custode built by Andrea Tirali in 1713 and the pre-gothic palace of Doge Marino Falier with its characteristic sottoportego. For the position of the church (one side on the canal, three sides on the place) see also the Scuola dei Varoteri on Campo Santa Margherita. In 1806, the Scuola was acuqired by german merchants residing in the Fondaco dei Tedeschi and serves as German Evangelical Church since 1813. A baroque angel in a niche above the portal was created by Heinrich Meyring, who also worked on the façade of San Moisè.
During the creation of the so-called Strada nova, a broad pedestrian road inaugurated on September 02, 1871, the western side was enlarged. The Strada nova directly connects the Campo SS. Apostoli with the Campo San Felice and Campo Santa Fosca. Its course only partially respects the historic substance.


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