Zen ai Gesuiti Palace


Venice: Palazzo Zen ai Gesuiti - 20 kB

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Architect:Francesco Zen/Sebastiano Serlio
Address:Cannaregio 4922; 4925
Current use:private
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The palace was designed and built by the nobleman Francesco Zen from 1537 on, with the aid of Sebastiano Serlio. Zen died a year later, and the heirs continued the construction accrod. Externally und internally, it is subdivided into three parts, which can be easily seen on the façade towards the Fondamenta Zen. It has a regular rhythm. The middle part with its two gates and balconies is slightly emphasized . The wings are designed equally and have three-arch loggias above the gates. The middle part has two porteghi, balconies and portals. Especially the strange forms of pointed arches are remarkable. While the complex is based on four predecessor buildings (which are visible on the Venice map Venetie MD by de Barbari), its appearance is homogenous, but the arrangement of the three small courtyards perhaps follows the substance of the former gothic houses. Initially, frescoes on mytholgical subjects covered the western and eastern façade. According to Frommel, the balconies were added later.
Today the palace is subdivided in various appartments of different size.
Interior decoration from the 19th century is partially conserved.

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