Vendramin a S. Fosca Palace


Venice: Palazzo Vendramin a S. Fosca - 23 kB

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Date:16th century
Address:Cannaregio 2400
Current use:hotel
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This renaissance palace was once property of Gabriele Vendramin, known for his picture collection. It shows a deep plan, the strange and altered rear façade is towards the rio del Trapolin.
Please remark the gate in early renaissance forms which resemble to the Lombardis' art, but partially seem to be heavily restored.
September 2002: The piano nobile and parts of the mezzanine are for sale. Photos show parts of neoclassical wall frescoes.
August 2004: The palace is converted into a hotel.
April 2005: The unsatisfying restoration of the façade has been completed; no work in terms of conservation has been done for the portal.

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