Smith Mangili Valmarana Palace


Venice: Palazzo Smith Mangili Valmarana - 29 kB

General remarks:

Date:18th century
Architect:Antonio Visentini
Address:Cannaregio 4392
Current use:private
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The palace of the well-known Consul Joseph Smith (London, 1674 - Venice, 1770), mecene of Canaletto and Visentini, was erected on the place of buildings by the Balbi and Trevisan families. Due to a process with the neighbours on the left, the N.H. Michiel, the façade is set back. After Smith's death, his properties, includung the (destroyed) villa Smith at Mogliano Veneto, were liquidated and the palazzo was sold by his widow. An additional floor was added later, destroying the indended proportions. The interior still has neoclassical decorations.

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