Falier ai SS. Apostoli Palace


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Date:14th century
Address:Cannaregio 5643
Current use:hotel
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The building with a rare "sottoportego" public gallery is, despite the massive alterations of the façade, an important example of the early gothic palatial architecture. The leftmost arches of the loggias, consisting of four arches of second order, have been bricked up, and the windows in the wings are not original as well. Two byzantine decorative elements can still be found above the first floor loggia. Palazzo Falier was the home of the Doge Marino Falier (Marino Faliero), as a document in the Marciana library says: "la casa grande de Ss. Apostoli in colonne, appié del ponte, che fu de Marin Falier, olim indegno dose". Falier was decapitated on April 16, 1655 due to his connection with a conspiracy - a subject that was often taken up by 19th century painters and writers.
Some years ago, the palace was adapted for its new use as a hotel.

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