Contarini dalle Figure Palace


Venice: Palazzo Contarini dalle Figure - 20 kB

General remarks:

Architect:Scarpagnino (?)
Address:San Marco 3327
Current use:private
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Especially the precious sculptural details - trophies in the piano nobile wings - give this façade from the early 16th century its importance. For the 2st floor balcony and the 3rd floor transenna details see also the Palazzo Bembo Malipiero from the same period. The gables of the piano nobile were a new element in the venetian palace architecture in that time.
Visentini calls the building "Mocenigo", but according to Bassi, this family never lived in the palace. A 16th century stucco frieze is conserved in the left room in the piano nobile. The paintings within the frieze are copies after Giuseppe Porta, who executed the originals after 1566. In his later "Notes on Venetian Palaces", John Ruskin shows special interest in this palace: "Giocondine, extremely pure and severe, quite special in the slenderness of its shafts, and the perky little corners of the abaci of its capitals."

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