Coccina Foscarini Giovannelli Palace


Venice: Palazzo Coccina Foscarini Giovannelli - 18 kB

General remarks:

Date:16th century
Address:Santa Croce 2070
Current use:private / hotel
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The west side of this late 16th century palace is oriented towards the Campo San Stae and the scuola dei Battioro. Presumably, not only the rear façade towards the small garden, but also the Canal grande main façade in traditional forms was ornated with frescoes by Zelotti, which have all disappeared. While the engraving of Vincenzo Maria Coronelli from 1709 shows the part with four window axis at the left still with a serliana, its middle arch has been bricked up today, but still has a portego behind it. Paintings by Vanvitelli show the palace as a homogenous complex.
Currently the complex is partially converted into a hotel.

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