Calbo Crotta Palace


Venice: Palazzo Calbo Crotta - 16 kB

General remarks:

Date:14th century,17th century
Address:Cannaregio 122, 122a
Current use:private, Restaurant
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The huge complex, located at the end of Lista di Spagna, consists of a gothic nucleus with 17th century additions in simple forms, except the richly decorated water portal that today is obscured by a restaurant on the Grand Canal. The Calbo, originating from Padova, possessed several houses near the Carità (today Accademia), but contracted massive debts already in the 18th century. After his marriage with Lucrezia Crotta, Francesco Calbo added his wife's name to his own. Today, the palace is subdivided in several large appartments. Parts of the furniture were acquired by the Museum of 18th century Venice in Ca'Rezzonico, but ceiling decoration is still preserved in situ.


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